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Web design is a process of design, planning, modelling and implementation of Electronic Media Content Delivery via the Internet in the form of technology (such as markup language) for the interpretation and presentation by a Web browser or other sites based on the graphical user interface (GUIs).

The intent of the design of the website is the creation of a website (a set of electronic files, which involves one or more Web servers), the content (including interactive features and interfaces) on the final consumer in the form of web pages Once the application. These elements, such as text, shapes and bitmap images (GIF, JPEG, PNG files) can be found on the site in HTML, XHTML, XML tags. Displayed complex media (vector graphics, animation, video, sound) require plug-ins like Flash, QuickTime, Java runtime environment, etc. Plug-ins are also embedded in Web pages using HTML or XHTML Conforming to date.

Improvements in the various browsers, compliance with the W3C invited to a broad acceptance of XHTML and XML, in conjunction with the cascading style sheets (CSS) to position and manipulate the elements of the site. The latest standards and proposals to the various browsers' ability to a variety of media and accessibility options to the customer may, without the use of plug-ins.

For example, Web pages are static or dynamic.

Static pages do not modify the content and presentation of each agenda item, unless a man (web-master or a programmer), updates the page manually.

Dynamics of adaptation of the content of their pages and / or the presentation depending on the end user to enter or interaction or changes in the computing environment (users, time, changes in database , etc.), the content can be modified by the client side (End-users' computers) Using Client Side scripting (JavaScript, JScript, ActionScript, the media and readers PDF Reader Plug - ins, etc.) should be changed, DOM elements (DHTML). The dynamic content is mostly on the use of Server Side Scripting languages (ColdFusion, ASP, JSP, Perl, PHP, Python, etc.). Both approaches are, in general, in complex applications.

Thanks to the increasing specialization of communication in the design and information technology fields, there is a strong tendency to draw a clear line between the design of Web pages designed specifically for the Web and Web pages for development, for the entire logistics of all services based on the Web.

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